Guide for Base Camp Managers

Updated Date: 2019-07-28

Guide for Pathways Base Camp Managers



What resources do I have as a BCM?

There are Quick Reference Guides for you! Click here


Base Camp Managers = Club VPE, Secretary, President

Main BCM = Club VPE ;  Backup BCM = Secretary & President


Why are the Secretary and President also BCMs?

Club VPEs as are very busy people! Just in case the VPE can't go into Base Camp to approve a member's level completion quickly, the secretary or president can do it too. Back up is good!

What does a BCM do? manage Base Camp for your club!

No. 1 Job: Approve members' LEVEL COMPLETIONs in Base Camp as quickly as possible so that members can access their next level projects.

Other tasks VPEs need to do include:

a. Keep track of member progress in speeches/projects etc... and ask members to inform you if they would like to deliver speeches outside of your club (e.g. dual members, or members are guest speakers elsewhere).

There are two ways to do this and I recommend doing both:

i. Record member progress each time they complete a speech/project using a computer template. Try this Excel template or make your own.

ii. Login TI website --> login as Base Camp Manager --> click *Member Progress to see the progress in Base Camp.

*If you find that there is a difference between your Excel spreadsheet record and what you see in Base Camp Member Progress then maybe the member has not been using Base Camp regularly to open and complete their projects within a level.In this case, speak with the member to find out how you can help.


This page was prepared by Simone Nash, DTM

District Pathways Program Chair


LINE: simonenash