Guide to Starting Pathways for Members

Updated Date: 2019-07-18

Guide to Starting Pathways

Don't worry! It might seem like there are many steps but once you know how, it doesn't take long to use Base Camp to access your educational materials.

Follow the steps below or read this excellent guide prepared by Doreen Huang, Pathways Trainer!

1. Logging in to Base Camp:

A. Login TI website here. (If you have forgotten your password, click 'forgot password').

B. Watch this video: Let's log in to Base Camp

2. Choose your Path:

If you haven't chosen your path yet, go here (make sure you are logged in the Toastmasters International website). After choosing your path, go to Base Camp

Watch this video (How to Pick a Path) that introduces the different types of paths to help you choose.

Use this great Paths and Projects reference or Paths and Projects Matrix or What's in Your Path to explore all the details of each path.

Quick Tip: If you want to focus on speeches rather than speeches + leadership projects, choose either the Presentation Mastery Path or the Engaging Humor Path.

[Caution: if you don't want to do a *High Performance Leadership (HPL) in your path, don't choose Innovative Planning, Effective Coaching or Persuasive Influence!]

*What is HPL? It is a project where you apply your leadership and planning knowledge to develop a project plan, organize a guidance committee, and implement your plan with the help of a team. The size and scope of the HPL project generally takes 3-6 months to complete.

3. Access your Path: Quick Reference Guide

4. Launch your Project: Quick Reference Guide

5. Assess your Skills (Before): Quick Reference Guide

6. Print your Project: Quick Reference Guide

7. Completing a Project: Quick Reference Guide

8. Selecting and Completing Electives: Quick Reference Guide

9. Completing a Level: Quick Reference Guide

10. Printing your Certificate: Quick Reference Guide


Click here for the Evaluation forms for all projects.

Click here for the Project descriptions for all projects.

Click here for all Quick Reference Guides.

Click here for 'The Navigator', an introduction about Toastmasters and Pathways - share with guests and new members!


The main functions you need are above, but if you want more information, check out the other Tutorials and Resources in Base Camp. If you like to watch video tutorials, they are available in Base Camp under 'Tutorials and Resources'.

After you have completed a level, your club's Base Camp Managers (VPE, president, secretary) will receive an email to let them know you have completed your level and they need to go to Base Camp and approval your level. Feel free to send your VPE a message to remind him/her to help you approve your level in Base Camp and to submit your level completion in Club Central so you get your educational achievement credit.

If you are a Base Camp Manager (VPE, president, secretary), please read the Quick Reference Guides for Base Camp Managers here.

Here is the Frequently Asked Questions page about Pathways.

Want a PowerPoint Presentation to share with your club members? Download here.

The ultimate Pathways Companion Guide from the 1st Pathways DTM in the world, Mark Snow.

Join the District 67 Taiwan Pathways Q&A FB Group so you can ask questions to experienced Pathways users.


This page was prepared by Simone Nash, DTM

District Pathways Program Chair


LINE: simonenash