五月總會長來信 District Director Letter-May

Updated Date: 2022-05-02

Dear members,
Plant seeds in spring; cultivate soil in summer, harvest in fall and celebrate in winter best describes my District Director journey. Many people ask how I can do so many things at the same time. In addition to Toastmasters, I still need to help run our family business, keep my diverse interests, and do many chores. Good time management and always prioritize. Do not postpone what we can do right away. Break the huge project into small steps and follow up properly. These tips have helped me to become an effective leader.

I always love the fable which inspires me to be aware of our perspective. There was a lady who always complained about the tiny space she lived in. To solve the problem, she listened to a wise man, who asked her to let one animal after another move in-a hen, a goat, a pig and eventually a cow lived with her. Just when she couldn’t stand it anymore, the wise man told her to free all the animals. Suddenly, the house felt so big and comfortable without all the animals. When 24 hours a day just doesn’t seem like enough, yet I still need to somehow make time to work on Toastmasters related matters. What I do is to make every second count! I can see when I finish my term, 24 hours a day will have a very different meaning to me! As officers we are honored to serve and lead. Let’s seize the chance to do our best! What legacy are you going to leave to your club, area, division, and district?

I still remembered last July, my first month as DD, I set our annual goal as “Empower Leaders”. Set the goal, make plans, overcome challenges, and go for success! If we overcome the difficulties one after another, then it’s worth celebrating! Now it’s almost time to celebrate your success with your team!

I’m currently busy making Thank-You lists. Thinking back to the past 10 months, there are so many people whom I’m so thankful for. QLC Chair-Joy Tsai, Speechcraft Chair- Simone Nash, Contest and Judge Chair-Richard Lo, Club Quality Chair-William Chiu, Pathways Chair-Yun-ling Wang, Recognition Chair-Yu-Xian Liu, Extension Chair- Regina Cheng, Coach Chair-Edward Chen, Harry Fang, and Eric Liang. Thank you for assisting the development of our district through sharing your knowledge and experience. We appreciate your willingness to use your talents to provide an excellent environment to help those that are around us grow.

We try to make differences in each other’s lives in Toastmasters. By leading a team, we experience the joy of completing every project. In April, we finished our district contests, elected our future leaders and now we are working on providing the best online annual conference. Thanks to our Conference Manager-Tina Lee, Conference Chairs-Jersheng Lin, Kevin Lin, Scott Su and Co-Chair-Yun- chung Wu and Li-fang Chin.

I’m so happy that we’ve been working together for the last 10 months. Now there are only 2 month left, what’s your goal as a member and officer? Let’s keep strive for excellence in Toastmasters.








2021-2022 總會長:郭麗琴