Pathways Ice Breaker

Updated Date: 2019-07-19

Sample your first Pathways project - the Ice Breaker

YES, you can do your Level 1, Project 1 Ice Breaker speech now - before the D67 Pathways launch date May 3, 2018!!

Take an exciting peek at the first project on your Toastmasters journey– the Ice Breaker. See how projects are structured in Pathways and experience how clear and simple the objectives are to achieve. Click 'Break the Ice' button to experience the online experience.

Or, simply read the Ice Breaker Project below and start designing your 4-6 minute speech!


Send the 8101E Evaluation Resource to your speech evaluator before the meeting.

Print the 3-page 8101E Evaluation Resource for your speech evaluator.

After May 3, 2018 Pathways Launch in Taiwan, login to Toastmasters International website and then login Base Camp to choose your first Path!

After you have chosen your first Path, fill in the 8953 Ice Breaker Project Completion Request form and send it to to get credit for your Level 1 Project 1 Ice Breaker!