An easier way for members to pay!

Updated Date: 2023-03-01

February 28, 2023

Dear Club Officer,

We are pleased to announce that after a successful pilot, Self-Pay is now available for all clubs to offer to their members! We can’t wait for you and your members to experience this easier, more intuitive way of submitting international dues payments.

If your club has decided to use this feature, it’s time to enable Self-Pay! To do so:
  • Log in to My Home
  • Navigate to the Club Contact and Meeting Information page
  • Select the toggle button in the Self-Pay Setting section
  • Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

Man enabling Self-Pay on a laptop

Enable Self-Pay

We will be emailing your members soon after you enable the Self-Pay setting to guide them through submitting their own international dues payments.

Please note, even with Self-Pay enabled for your club, you will still have the option to submit international dues payments as normal for any members who do not utilize the feature, now accessible via the new Membership Management page of Club Central.


Club and Member Support Team
Toastmasters International

This email has been sent to all club officers and District leaders, except those who were part of the Self-Pay pilot.